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Leased ad space

Leased ad space is an advertising company with an awesome program for $7 that offers you text ads, solo ads and a lot more. It offers a great way to promote any business by driving traffic to your website/online business to increase sales online and earn passive income. Simple fast and effective platform even for bitcoin mining and bitcoin trading. The traffic packages include;

The pearl package ($7)

Banner ads 8000 impressions

Text ads 4000 impressions

Solo emails 1 every 28 days

Permanent text classifieds 1 permanent ad text ad in our classifieds ads directory

Amethyst package ($17)

Banner ads 12000 impressions

Text ads 6000 impressions

Solo emails 1 every 14 days

Permanent text classifieds 2 permanent ad text ad in our classifieds ads directory

And this offer keeps improving till the Red diamond package, suitable for anybody trying to make sales online. Leased ad space adds more value and incentive to purchase up to the top traffic package—it’s commission matrix is structured in such a way that allows for affiliate marketing and to make passive income. The great part is you get a 100% commission off every package you sell; the revenue sharing plans are direct and instant from member to member. It comprises of a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to take years of jumping from one business to another before making real profit online thanks to leased ad space.

Easy1Up Affiliate Marketing program:

Easy1UP is a great business model that offers its members educational videos on different online professions. With these video contents, anyone can learn a variety of online business and start earning some money from the comfort of their home.

The company provides 5 different plans for buyers to choose from. The packs vary in prices and offer a variety of online money making technics.

Elevation Pack ($25):

Learn basic marketing like lead generation and email marketing with hundred hours of video contents.

Elevation Elite($100):

More advanced tutorials on market research and provides contents to earn money through video marketing and stuff.


Learn nooks and corners to succeed in the Affiliate marketing world and make profits while enjoying a luxurious time.

Vertex Elite($500):

With this, you can increase traffic to your website without paying a single buck and make money through advertisements.

Vertex Pro “Connect” ($1000):

This 1000 dollar pack got everything you require to run a successful online business. From Reddit marketing to blog authority, every subject is covered in detail to help you make the best of your time.

Choose any of them and learn how to increase sales online by creating different sources for passive income. But how this Easy1UP is a business model? That’s the amusing part, as Easy1Up isn’t just a content sharing platform, but it’s a company with revenue sharing plans. And its very easy to understand. For instance, you’re a member of the Vertex pack, but someone you referred buys the Vertex Elite, you will make double the money as the person you referred bought a more expensive pack. Plus, this business structure also supports level referrals. So, anyone under your wing makes a sell, you still get to enjoy a big chunk of profit on it.

So, Easy1Up is a great platform to make good enough profit with very little investment. And this is a model that is risk-free and known to work as we’ve seen in the past.

Swiss gold global

Swiss Gold Global, a Swiss based company that produces cryptocurrency and trades golds and silvers with its member. So, the question is why it is a good business venture? Why should anyone spend their time on this stuff rather than working for real money?

The answer to that question is real simple. If you consider US currency for the past 50 years, the value of it remained same. By that I mean, 50 US dollars 100 years after is still worth 50 dollars. On the other hand, 50 US dollar worth Gold or silver increased in value 10-20 times. So, you get more leverage on buying power with gold or silver than paper money. That’s a good enough reason to invest in gold or silver.

So, how does the Swiss Gold Global actually works? How will you be making the gold or silver? The process is very simple. You can sign up for free to the Swiss Gold platform and get yourself acquainted with the whole process. However, you’ll get limited access and not be making any real money. But if you join any of its membership plan under its premium educational program, you’re in business. Then you can buy gold and silver from the company. And when the price of gold or silver goes up, you can sell the stuff to the company itself and make a big profit.

Now, what about the cryptocurrency stuff? Yes, this is where you can do some real money making. With this company’s program, you can take cryptocurrency contracts for Bitcoin mining or any other sort of digital currency. And every day, the mined amount will go to your currency wallet. Like real life mining, the more people you hire, the more people you’ve to pay. In this case, the more the hashing rate for Bitcoin mining, the more your cost for the contract will be. For instance, the lowest 30 dollar contract will amount you daily 0.00006 bitcoin. Not that much, but if you increase the hashing rate, the cost goes for the contract for about 2000 USD, but you will be making 20 dollars worth Bitcoin in a day. If you left such amount in a bank, you will be making 20 dollars profit in a year. But here you will be making that in a day, and it might increase more with the rise of bitcoins value. And if you don’t know how to do Bitcoin trading, then just purchase golds and silvers from here and trade them for money while there is a chance to make some profit. This simple Swiss Gold Global system helps cash rolling to your bank accounts like crazy without you working.

The greatest thing is that you can even get referral commission thanks to its revenue sharing plans. It is safer than most online business and provides a better chance of making big profits. So, I think you should get on Swiss Gold Global train today before it’s too late.

Udimi Advertising Program

Udimi is a service that sells solo ads. For some the term solo ads is quite new, but in reality most of you know the thing probably. Let me clear the air for you then. Solo ads is a service where you buy a list of email from other people for target marketing. You contact with a person and get a list from him/ her for your online business advertising.

There are hundreds of services similar to Udimi, but this one is superior to the rest due to its quality. You will only find real sellers here with quality email lists. So, you don’t need to loose your sleep over throwing money away on fake lists. Just buy a solo ad and the seller will send the advertisement of your product to his or her subscriber lists. It is that simple.

While the seller does the job for you, you can check updates of his/her work with Udimi’s software which tracks every little stats. Like sales online, ratings and other aspects that help you grow your online business through strategic planning.

And the best part is that, you can join Udimi without spending a single buck. However, you need to buy the solo ads. Besides the email marketing aspect, the service provides users with an alternative way to make some passive income as it has an affiliate marketing structure of its own. So, if you refer someone and if he purchases a solo ad using your referral, you will get some commission.

All in all, Udimi is a great way to increase traffic to your websites while making sure sales online also increases. Plus, its affiliate program creates another funnel for passive income. So, anybody looking to make some real money should not miss out this golden opportunity.

TrafficWave Advertising program

Marketing of any product, service or brand is quite important to achieving actual success. And there are many ways to do the job. But targeting a particular audience is always the better strategy as the chances of success are quite higher. And the best way to do that is through Email marketing. But there are so many services available nowadays and they offer a variety of features, but hardly any of them comes close to TrafficWave when it comes to cost effectiveness.

With TrafficWave you can have as many lists and subscribers you want without worrying about the price. This service got a flat rate. By that I mean, whether you’ve 500 subscribers or 50000 subscribers, it doesn’t matter as you only will pay a mere 17.95 dollars for all the subscribers. While other services similar to these charges way more according to the size of the lists. That’s a good enough reason considering TrafficWave over the rest.

But that’s just the beginning. This platform provides all the automated stuff you require to do the marketing best way possible. You can send both HTML and text message to your subscribers. You can track email open rates, click rates of those emails. Then there are templates already available in the sites that you can change to your liking which saves a lot of your time to design the whole thing from scratch. Plus, the free 24/7 customer service is always ready to help you in emergencies.

Affiliate marketing using its autoresponder really helps marketers to keep themselves in front of their customers all the time. This really increases your sales online and also provides you with an opportunity to share your lists with other marketers. This way you can expand your business on a larger scale. And top of all that, TrafficWave has its own Affiliate business module which provides the members with a great passive income source. Like its fast track bonus which is offered to members every time they make a sale of the autoresponder service of this platform. And they keep all the profit. No need to share your commission with the platform, unlike others. Besides you get monthly residual commisions on sales, then there is the leadership bonus package and even they have a traffic commission.

Without any doubt, TrafficWave is a great way to expand your online business through its email marketing platform while making some extra bucks on the side with its revenue sharing plans.


USI-Tech, a tech company that has come up with the game-changing Forex trading software. For those who aren’t aware of Forex should know that it is an online platform for currency trading. Its similar to stocks market, the only difference is here you try to predict which currencies value will increase in the upcoming days or which will go down. Depending on your trade of currency you make the profit.

Now, for a newcomer or even for a pro in the business, it is hard to see which currency value will go up or down. Predicting these things, as usual, is quite hard, but the company USI-Tech has come up with an automated tool that does all the groundwork to come with the best possible investment for users. Using the 20 years experience in the finance market of the four owners, the company came up with this revolutionary algorithm which does the prediction of the market.

If you want to get involved with Forex Trading a license is required for a fee. From there you’re in the online business.  It’s FREE to signup for Bitcoin markets. If you want to get involved with this all you need to do is buy the USI BTC(Bitcoin) Package, which costs at lowest 50 euros (about $60). And in around 140 business days, you could be making 140% profit. The ROC (Return On Capital) is usually between .75% to 1% per business day. But that’s just the start of this wonderful opportunity. USI-Tech lets users trade cryptocurrency. Mainly you can do Bitcoin trading here. The bitcoin market is going through the roof, and using this cryptocurrency phenomenon, you could possibly turn 1 BTC worth of pack into 4.7 worth Bitcoin in only a year based on your work ethics and strategy.

The fun doesn’t end there, users get about 800 euro worth car bonus per month for 2000 active packs, and the amount doubles for users who have 5000 active packs. And the cherry on top of all this is that USI-Tech offers an affiliate marketing system where it has a great revenue sharing plans for its members. Anyone who joins the company with your direct referral will make you an additional 10% of commission. And even you will get 3% commission on level 2 referrals when qualified.

So, in a nutshell, this USI-Tech service provides you with two major paths to earn money. Using its Forex trade features or Bitcoin Markets.